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Love the concept behind this! I would echo what others are saying that there should be some tutorial or explanation for what the button prompts mean, but it works pretty well once you figure it out! 

Hey Tom! Thanks a lot for playing it, for the nice comments, and for the feedback. I'm gonna for sure polish it and include those suggestions.


This was great y'all! I lost my yellow and green puppers right away on my first play through, but was able to finish the demo with the blue and red ones! I got a little confused by the animations in the colored squares since it made me feel like I should button mash, when it wasn't the case for all the micro-games, but figured it out after a while. 

I can see how you can totally make this cute little experience into a library of awesome micro-games! I also think its an interesting approach on the UI side, since to me it seems like each puppy represents one of your lives. I also really liked the Street Fighter style continue screen. Overall the aesthetic and art style are awesome and I really enjoyed checking it out! Great job y'all! :-) 

Thanks so much, Juan!!! Super cool feedback. 

Yeah, I'll definitely play with the animations as soon as the voting period is over. That's really valuable.


That was a helluva lotta fun!  Really kewl look, love the music as well!

Thanks so much! Were you able to keep all 4 dogs at the end? 

Only played though once, need to try again!  Held onto 2 dogs, but wasn't sure what to do with the first two, so I lost 'em.  Might want to add a quick 'freeze prompt' to let players know what each button does, then start the game after they've 'hit any button to continue'!

Thanks a lot. That's a good idea. I'll toy around with some things to make it crystal clear at the start of the game. Appreciate the feedback :)