This is a VERY rough demo of a multiplayer-only platform racing game 

The goal is to color more of the level than your opponent within one minute. Simply jump in the air to color. Each character can spawn up to three platforms beneath their feet. If you touch the Repeat item, you can get three more chances. 

Player 1: Pink
Move Left: A-key
Move Right: D-key
Jump: W-key
Create Platform: Space

Player2: Blue
Move Left: Left Arrow
Move Right: Right Arrow
Jump: Up Arrow
Create Platform: P-Key

This is the 8th game of my Game a Day challenge. I'll be making a game from scratch every single day until July 1st. To learn more about it, click this link. 

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Komiku - First Dance
Art by via Opengameart
Character art by Mr Ric viaOpengameart