Click the screen to play.

This isn't so much of a game, rather than just a drum set to play with. 
I was a drummer years ago and I'm constantly beating my keyboard with my fingers. I decided to match the keys I usually hit with different pieces of a drum kit. 

P and O keys: Bass drum
D and F keys: Snare
E and R keys: tom-tom
T and Y keys: 2nd tom=tom
G and H keys: Floor tom
C and V keys: Crash cymbal
I and U keys: Ride cymbal
L and K keys: hi-hat closed
M and N keys: hi-hat open

This is the 10th submission for my Game a Day challenge. I must admit that I was working on another game for today that was not ready to share. I hope to share that one tomorrow. This drumming game however was made in about 2 hours a while back. I'll be making a game from scratch every single day until July 1st. To learn more about it, click this link.