Mimicr i i i i 
This minimalist puzzle-platform game was made for the 2021 GMTKJam. 

Try playing without reading this big description first.

THEME: 4 characters are joined together by your key inputs. They all move together, jump together, and overcome obstacles simultaneously. They have different gravities and walk on different plains, but they move as one.

If a character has reached the goal alone, a single piano key plays, but when they all reach the goal together, a piano chord plays instead.

Play 20 unique bite-sized puzzle levels, including 6 mechanics, and even a boss fight. 

If you get STUCK, just press both the S and K keys to skip a stage. 

Want to RESTART a stage? Just press the R and E keys together.

Keyboard Controls:
Arrow Keys to move and jump.
A and D to move, and W to jump.

This game was made by just me, one person. I made the music as well.
This gamejam's theme inspired me with many ideas for a sequel to a game I called Mimicry, which is available on STEAM. 
In that game, you control 2 characters at once. 
Mimicr i i i i uses 4 characters instead each with set to their own gravity and orientation. 

I hope you enjoy, and please send me any feedback. 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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