Race to Space

Race  to Space is a very simple minigame that only last about 25 seconds. You and another play try to see who can launch their space ship furthest into outer space by button mashing. 

Please click the game screen when the game starts. Itch recognizes that you're not selected on the browser when you do this. Otherwise, you won't be actually playing the game.  

This is the 6th game of my Game a Day challenge. I'll be making a game from scratch every single day until July 1st. To learn more about it, click this link. https://anxietymonstergames.wordpress.com/2018/06/01/a-game-a-day-blog/ 

Blue Ship: Space Bar
Red Ship: Ctrl key

Komiku - Boss 2 Too Powerful for You Run
Opengameart - Alucard - Space Rocket 2D