For Tilted Game Jam May 2020 (12 hour long gamejam)
The theme was "Empty Dinosaur"

Left an Right Arrow Keys to Move. 
Up Arrow Key to Jump

Dev Log:
Originally I had a ten level demo planned, but I had a 12 hour deadline. Maybe I'll expand it. For now, I have a few mechanics tossed in. You can inhale enemies to get bigger. If you're bigger, you can break through some surfaces and cause a quake, BUT it comes at a price. You can also spit out enemies larger distances if you're big. 

If you spit out all the enemies you've inhaled,  you become empty and float in the air like a hellium-filled balloon. 

Intended Story:
You'e the last remaining T-Rex, and all you have to remind yourself of your family is a photo album. One day a current of wind blew the photos in your album away. You need to get them back, so your adventure starts. 

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