Changes Made:

  • I created 2 levels
  • I created a Max Lives item (Blue Health), which maxes out your lives to 4.
  • I created Spikes obstacles which instantly kill the player is collided with.
  • I added vertical moving platforms, and adjusted the speed. 
  • I resized the Key Cards, to increase visibility and make collision easier.

Created by Edwin Franco Assets provided by Brian Winn and Michigan State University.

MAC NOTES:  I am currently having issues with the Mac build. I tried testing it but the file does not open. The mac displays this error: "damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash." Did anyone else encounter this issue and able to help me out?


Download 30 MB
Download 30 MB


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wow you made a lot of games, what you think of the course?

Hey! I've made stuff in Construct before. Still do, but the course is helpful for getting me familiar with Unity. 

I really liked the 3d platformer course most so far. I felt like I personally didn't get equipped with the FPS course to tackle my final project. a

Overall, I like it though.


construct? haven't heard of it before. the 3d platformer course i didn't feel teach me much new but i guess it's handy being able to do some modeling  from unity directly. haven't started the capstone project yet but overall i like the courses, helped me get my nails under the tape and understand other tutorials for unity.