Pretty Fly for a Space Guy

Changed Made:

  • I created 4 levels, each introducing a small bit of gameplay, prepping players for the final stage
  • I created an original spike item, with does 100% damage to the player.
  • I added horizontal moving platforms, combining them with the vertical moving platforms
  • I created a new item by copying and tweaking the health item, changing its color to blue, which gives the player max health
  • Added an instructions page
  • Changed the title on the main menu scene
  • Enemies increase each level

Created by Edwin Franco Assets provided by Brian Winn and Michigan State University.

MAC NOTES:  I am currently having issues with the Mac build. I tried testing it but the file does not open. The mac displays this error: "damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash." Did anyone else encounter this issue and able to help me out?


PC 59 MB
Mac 77 MB

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